Need help with citing and bibliogrpahy

So I am citing for real for the first time, but I am confused a hell. I thought it'd be straight forward but I am facing issues after issues, surely most of them if not all are my own doing :). It't our first assignment so the referencing will be less strict.

Anyway, I am using Harvard style. In this example, I am trying to cite in text this source.
The 1st PDF in chapter 1
Detailed guidance for the request for authorisation of a clinical trial on a medicinal product for human use to the competent authorities, notification of substantial amendments and declaration of the end of the trialSearch for available translations of the preceding link

As you can see, I cannot link directly to the pdf, only either to a page that has multiple pdfs or cite the document. I believe so that I must cite the document.

So in my work I did just this. I had to shorten it to this.

I had shorten it from this, which is very long and I can't have that everytime I cite in text. I was hoping the Bibliography would have the full details: like Title and URL.

However, the Biblio looks like this. 1) There is only the title (the 1st line in the biblio), no link, even though the link is in Zotero. Also, I have about 4 citations from Eudralex, and it only created 2 references. I specified different chapters in the citations, yet nothing in Biblio.

Here's to show that I have links in Zotero.

Thanks everyone,
  • which style specifically are you using? There are dozens of Harvard styles available for Zotero.
  • I tried it with the built in Harvard style too. The style I'm using is Dublin city Harvard
  • Dublin City only prints the URL for articles, reports, and webpages. The built-in Harvard (Elsevier you mean, I assume) only for webpages.

    Generally I'd stay away from "Document" as a category. It doesn't work well with most citation styles.

    Every Zotero item will only get listed in the bibliography once, unless I'm misunderstanding that part of your question.
  • Hi @adamsmith

    Yes, the built-in style I was referring to was Elsevier.

    "Generally I'd stay away from "Document" as a category. It doesn't work well with most citation styles. "

    — But what should I use if the source is a document?

    "Every Zotero item will only get listed in the bibliography once"

    — I had to quickly and manually change it to this because of the assignment deadline. I'm sure there are mistakes, but will do ....:)

    The zotero version looked like this. Although as you can see, I've had a lot more references to Eudralex it only shows one in Bibliography...

  • "Report", "Manuscript", "Webpage", or "Book" are much better choices for most things you might want to classify as "Document" (depending on exactly what they are—Report is probably the best in most cases). (I personally only use Document for items that I know I will never cite—e.g., test publisher marketing materials).

    As adamsmith says, Zotero will only create one bibliography entry for each item you cite, even if you cite it multiple times. Things like specific sections, chapters, pages, paragraphs, etc. are given in the in-text references (you enter these by clicking on the blue bubble for the item in the Zotero Add Citation window and using the page, prefix, and suffix fields), but the bibliography entry only includes the item as a whole. This is how virtually all style guides and journals want a bibliography formatted, so I would check with your instructor if they want it otherwise.

    If you want to cite specific chapters of a work as separate items, you would enter them as separate "Book Section" items in Zotero (in most cases, this usually only done if they are written by different authors).
  • Okay, let's have a look at it systematically so I can understand it :).

    Let's say we want all the "Detailed Guidance...." documents (3) in Chapter 1.

    Would you download each of them manually and create a parent item for every single one? Or would you Save to Zotero from the link I provided and put the 3 files (manually) as child items?
  • @bwiernik Yeah, thanks. Just discovered that "Blog" is iffy as well.

    Go to this webpage and save it. Then cite as Blog in Harvard Dublin City style and you get no link in Biblio. Cite it as Webpage and all is fine..
  • Cite these as Report, saving each one as a separate parent item.
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