Items not going to selected collection in Chrome

  • I am using Chrome and have standalone running and select the folder I want my citations to go to, and it still puts them in unfiled. I am not the only one--I was only using Chrome because a colleague was having this problem.
  • This should work as expected. Could you describe the sequence of actions that lead you to this problem, provide URLs, etc?
  • I was using Chrome, and trying to to download citations from WorldCat. I used the connector (folder) icon, and it said that it was saving the selected items to the folder I had selected in Zotero. When complete, I went to Zotero (which had been open through the entire process) and there was nothing new in the selected folder. I was able to find the citations and move them into the folder, but that's kind of annoying when you are supposed to be able to get it done without that step. My colleague, who had alerted me to the problem, had exactly the same experience.

    I used the same process in Firefox, and it worked fine.

    WorldCat does not allow any kind of Zotero-compliant export--just EndNote, RefWorks, and text, if that makes a difference.
  • This is working fine for me. Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for a save that doesn't put the items in the right collection?
  • It looks like this translator (OCLC WorldCat FirstSearch) is using an old method of saving where this doesn't work properly. We'll fix that for the next Zotero version, but there are only a handful of translators that still save that way, so this shouldn't be a problem for almost any other site. We should be able to push out an updated translator soon that uses the newer save method.
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