Weird numbers after update

I received an update for Zotero, I think 1 or 2 days ago.

I did not notice it straight away but there are weird green numbers appearing around the Zotero interface....
  • That's from some third-party program you're running (possibly a frames-per-second counter from Bandicam or Nvidia's GeForce Experience, judging by a quick Google search).
  • But I don't think I am. I have Geforce Experience alright and have used Fraps before. But I dont recognise this at all. And it's only Zotero!
  • Well, it's definitely not Zotero adding those.
  • edited November 1, 2017
    And the award goes to....dstillman.

    So it turns out it was Shadow Play from GeForce experience. Something glitched out and it just turned itself on, but wasn't in the settings either (confused).

    I remember updating my driver yesterday as well, that must have glitched it.

    Thanks for the tip man.
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