Can .ens or .os citation styles be easily converted into .csl format for Zotero?

A new journal I am submitting to has a unique style. I tried a bit at editing some existing styles in the .xml script and was able to make some progress, but it's not perfect. On their website ( they have downloads for EndNote and what they call their Reference Manager Style in .ens and .os formats. Can these downloads somehow be converted to .csl to use with Zotero?

Any info would help, thank you,
  • yes and know:
    you can import an .ens style into Zotero using the style manager (preferences-->styles-->+--> select .ens in the menu on the bottom (that says CSL styles by default)
    BUT - you're stuck with exactly what you get. Imported Endnote styles cannot be modified.
    These styles are read, but not translated into csl so cannot be modified.
    So probably better to fix your csl style, including with help on the forum.

    .os styles aren't usable at all.
  • It is technically easy enough to convert ens styles to csl. For the real reasons why not, search for "endnote zotero lawsuit." While the judge thew out the case, I'm guessing Zotero devs figure it's not worth the hassle to turn on this functionality.
  • @ adamsmith:
    why exactly is it stuck, when you have an imported ENS-File to CSL?
    is it not possible to write a CSL-Style like in the ENS-File? (Of course that is much more work than just importing and editing...)
    And another question: May it is possible to write an CSL Style and Export it to Endnote as an ENS-File?

    Thanks for your answers,
  • well, of course you can just write a new CSL style for any citation style. But that has nothing to do with the .ens, which will be of no help whatsoever in that process.

    And no, there's no way to convert CSL to ens, either.
  • My friend has sent me a style he wrote for our unique university citation style, as a .enl

    Can I install it as a style to zotero or convert it to .csl somehow?

    Help much appreciated!!
  • No, sorry. That feature was only available for a relatively short time, never worked that great, and hasn't existed for years.
  • Hi,
    @adamsmith, I cannot select ens file (preferences-->styles-->+--> )
    Thank you
  • No longer possible. Read the rest of the thread
  • How I convert it? Because I have an ens style for my Ph.D. thesis but I am using Zotero. How can I do that.
  • it's not possible, sorry.
  • Is there any update on this matter ?
  • No, it Isn’t possible, and it almost certainly won’t be. CSL has a different structure and logic than Endnote or other languages that isn’t possible to reliably automatically translate.
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