Zotero takes a Snapshot instead of downloading PDFs with separate META.

I am still new to Zotero and still learning the nitty gritty, so please bear with me and be patient if I am perhaps asking for too much, or something impossible, as I am just discovering the limits.

Now, I have watched online tutorials on Zotero. It was explained that where there are multiple PDFs for example, or sources the icon in the browser will change into a Folder icon. Upon clicking it, you are prompted with a window offering you to choose which items you want.

Also it was explained that Zotero will automatically download attachments like PDFs too, if they are public or you are logged in a library.

It doesn't work for me on this website. This website is public and the PDFs are freely downloadable. I essentially would like to download the entire section 10 with all the PDFs, and there are a good few! :D

Instead it just takes a snapshot of the website. Is there anything I can do?
  • automatic PDF download mostly happens on supported pages. You can hover over the import icon to check. If it says something generic -- typically "Embedded Metadata" or "DOI", you typically won't get PDFs and the import quality may be low. If it has the name of the site, importing documents automatically should work and you can let us know if it doesn't.
  • No :\. As I feared, it is only the simplified capture...
  • right, I looked at the page. This was telling you how to check yourself for other examples you may come across. You can still, obviously, download the PDFs and attach them to the Zotero item.
  • Yes. Okay, thanks.
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