Safe to Zotero, only a code no citation information

Good day all,

I used to work with a downloaded version of Zotero on my computer. This all worked fine, when I safed an article in my Zotero account, all information needed was there (PDF, author name(s), title, year etc.).

However, since I am not allowed to download Zotero on my computer (managed computer, the day after the programme was gone), I work with a 'general downloaded Zotero version' of the Faculty of the University.

However, when I click in the internet menu on 'Save To Zotero', only the PDF and the code of the article come in my Zotero download list. What I very much miss, is the information about the author, year of publication, title of the article etc. Because now I can not use it anymore in for example Word to cite/reference to it. I have to add all this information myself.

Does anybody know how I can make internet/Zotero give all the information about the article again, in stead of just a code? This will safe a lot of time for me!

Thank you in advance, I really hope somebody can help me.

Kind regards,

  • It's not clear to me what you're referring to here for most of this. Are you using the Zotero bookmarklet? The Zotero Connector? What browser? Where are you seeing your data? By "code" do you mean "URL"? What's an example URL where you're trying to save?
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