Opera Zotero connector

I installed the Zotero connector for Opera


I cannot find the icon on the bar tool. I am not the only one, since a user posted "It does not work.Can not find the icon on the bartool.why?" in the review

How can I add to Zotero from Opera?
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    Right click on the page and you find the option: "Save Page to Zotero"
  • Hi,

    The link above is not functioning. Where can I find the zotero extension for Opera browser?

  • Sorry, the Opera extension has been discontinued.

    (It's technically possible to repackage the Chrome/Firefox extension for Opera, but that's not something we'll be doing.)
  • First, install the Opera Chrome Extension (https://addons.opera.com/fr/extensions/details/download-chrome-extension-9/?display=en)
    Then, go the Chrome Webstore Page.
    Look for Zotero connector.
    Done. Enjoy your references through Opera ;-)

    Till now, it works very well for me !
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    Worked, thanks! Just needed to replace /fr/ in the link with /en/ for my case.
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    Hi I followed the recommendation from smteinturs above. I am on a Linux system. This did not work for me. Sad! :(

    Update: My bad -- It does work -- I had been trying to add a link to a PDF and that was what was not working. The Zotero documentation suggested to just download the PDF and then drag that into the main window in the Zotero app (not the Browser extension). That worked so I am back in business. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Thanks, smteinturs! Works perfectly.
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