Increase insert citation box size in Word

When I add a citation I would like to be able to resize the pop-up box because I want to read most of the titles, instead now I can only see the first 7/8 words in the title but I need to rest at least 80%-90% of the title.

Anyway to change this? Resize the box or reduce font size only in pop-up?
  • Yes. It would be very nice to be able to view more title words. This would be especially helpful for articles in a series (Using citation management software: problems caused by authors of research, Part I: Titles that begin with boilerplate). About 10 years ago I was guilty of this and regret it still. Doing this also plays havoc with the concept of short titles. That said, it would be nice to be able to have Zotero compensate for authors who, like I did, selected a title without thinking of a need to distinguish one article from another when the title is abbreviated.
  • edited November 18, 2020
    @"Adam Smith" Still no progress with this?
  • no updates. Also, please don't tag people randomly to get their attention. E.g., I don't work for Zotero and this isn't an area of the software where I've ever done anything.
  • Sorry mate, I thought you were one of the developers.
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