suggestion: color for collection already containing item to add

edited September 19, 2017
When I drag and try to add an item into a collection, it has inverted color, blue for Windows.

However, if I try to add an item already included, there is no inverted color.

My suggestion: In this situation, could the collection have any inverted color indicating inclusion of the item? For example, red for already inclusion mark.

  • edited September 20, 2017
    I am not sure, how it will work if you try to add more then one item to the collection in one step.
  • edited September 20, 2017
    Now, if I try to add some items consisting of items already added and items not added in one step, the inverted color appear. So I think it doesn't matter.

    My purpose is to make more clear the status of not-inclusion.
    For now it is not clear weather the item is not included or I don't indicate collection position properly. So it has some benefit for users, I think.

  • Yes I think too. But I think about something else. If all moved items are in collection, then the collection can be in red colour, but if only some moved items are in the collection already then the collection should be coloured orange.
    @adomasven can be it implemented easy?
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