Bump: Need to refresh webpage to get journal article import icon

edited August 30, 2017
D2021810802 from Zotero
D1930528425 from connector

When I follow a link from a Mac mail message to a journal publisher web page, the page will fully load but I only have the generic Zotero icon. When I refresh the page the Zotero journal article icon appears quickly and I am able to import the article metadata as expected. This has been happening after I updated to beta 231. This hasn't occurred before tonight. Obviously, as I can simply refresh the page to make the metadata available to Zotero, this isn't a crisis but I think that it is worth looking into the issue.

I supplied the debug material from a contact to an Emerald Group journal but this has happened upon connecting to a Taylor & Francis journal and two JAMA journals.

I'm willing to do more testing but I need guidance to provide the tests that will be useful.
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