Blank Middle Panel

edited August 28, 2017
Error ID: 221667418
This has happened twice now when switching rapidly between different collections and different libraries:
The middle panel stays white even though the right-hand panel specifies the number of items "in this view". No amount of waiting populates the middle panel. Clicking randomly in the panel will actually select one of the items in the current view (i.e. the info pane shows up on the right; no change in the middle). The number on the right updates as I switch views, so Zotero for all practical purposes appears to be working.

Not sure if/how I can reliably replicate this somehow, which makes debug output hard, but will try if you need it.
  • I’ve had the same experience but have never been able to reliably reproduce. Always seems to happen after using the program for a few hours—never right after launching.
  • In my case, the second time was shortly after Zotero (re-)launch.
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