BibLateX export questions

I switched to Zotero 5 and thus lost the use of Better BibLateX

When I export into a bib file format, how can I know the ID of the exported entries? That is, the ID that I have to put inside \cite{}

For example in the following entry exported by Zotero, where can I find the string "gompers_how_2016" in the Zotero GUI (without opening the bib file) ?


@ report{gompers_how_2016,
location = {Rochester, {NY}},
title = {How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?},
url = {},
abstract = {We survey 885 institutional venture capitalists ({VCs}) at 681 firms to learn how they make decisions across eight areas: deal sourcing; investment decisions; valuation; deal structure; post-investment value-added; exits; internal organization of firms; and relationships with limited partners. In selecting investments, {VCs} see the management team as more important than business related characteristics such as product or technology. They also attribute more of the likelihood of ultimate investment success or failure to the team than to the business. While deal sourcing, deal selection, and post-investment value-added all contribute to value creation, the {VCs} rate deal selection as the most important of the three. We also explore (and find) differences in practices across industry, stage, geography and past success. We compare our results to those for {CFOs} (Graham and Harvey 2001) and private equity investors (Gompers, Kaplan and Mukharlyamov forthcoming).},
number = {{ID} 2801385},
institution = {Social Science Research Network},
type = {{SSRN} Scholarly Paper},
author = {Gompers, Paul A. and Gornall, Will and Kaplan, Steven N. and Strebulaev, Ilya A.},
urldate = {2017-07-09},
date = {2016-08-01},
note = {00013},
keywords = {Entrepreneurship, Venture capital},
file = {Gompers et al_2016_How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions.pdf:C\:\\Users\\raffa\\Zotero\\storage\\MG2W29NR\\Gompers et al_2016_How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions.pdf:application/pdf}
  • The default citekey format is [first listed creator surname]_[first word of title]_year.

    Beyond this, we're close from moving from a "Zotero" question to a "LaTeX" question.

    You may:
    • Use that format manually
    • Make a custom translator, based on BibLaTeX.js to only copy the key. I believe that this was what the BetterBibTeX extension did.
    • Use a (La)TeX-editor that will auto-complete your citekeys from your Bib(La)TeX file.
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    One thing I've noticed is that Zotero will put `< i >` and `< / i >` in the key if the first word of the title is italicised. Pandoc-citeproc doesn't like that; I'm not sure whether that's because it's not a valid BibLaTeX key.
  • do you have an example? Not sure I follow. You can escape using <code> html tags
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    Here's the output for a paper with the first word of the title italicised:

    title = {\textit{Propositions} and properties},
    volume = {93},
    issn = {1933-1592},
    url = {},
    doi = {10.1111/phpr.12322},
    pages = {478--486},
    number = {2},
    journaltitle = {Philosophy and Phenomenological Research},
    shortjournal = {Philos Phenomenol Res},
    author = {Pautz, Adam},
    urldate = {2017-06-16},
    date = {2016-09-01},
    langid = {english}

    (If it doesn't show up, the second word of the key is preceded by <^i^> and followed by <^/^i^>.) This can't be processed by pandoc-citeproc. However, BibLaTeX is fine with it. So I don't think this is Zotero's problem as it would be if it was generating bad BibLaTeX entry keys.
  • huh -- I thought I removed this some time ago -- could you try the same with bibtex?
  • With bibtex I get the better 'pautz_propositions_2016'. I'm using Zotero 5.0.17.
  • I think we should just unify this then, even if it breaks things for some few people-- there may even still be a ticket on

    It'll take me a while, but I'm happy to take patches, which should just use the exact same code we have in the bibtex translator to that effect.
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    OK. I will look into it and try to submit a pull request for the BibLaTeX translator. There is an issue here:
  • BBT is currently usable for non-auto exports in Z5.
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