Load time deterioration

Using Zotero 5.0.17

Since, I think, version 5, or perhaps a later upgrade, the time taken when launching Zotero has deteriorated. It now takes about 10 seconds, much longer than before (when I was also using standalone). It seems quicker if launched after being closed down, longer after a Windows reboot. I have 2126 items.

It's still not bad but I wondered if this was general or just me?
  • Now left output log D679994758 .
  • Zotero 5 takes a bit longer for its initial load, but other operations (navigating, indexing, syncing) should be generally faster and no longer have hangs that freeze the interface for periods of time.
  • Yes, it feels a bit friskier.

    No probs then, I can certainly live with it.
  • (We're going to work on improving startup times in 5.0.)
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