Word plugin in 5.0: search or order behaviour changed?

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Ever since Z 5.0 I'm running up against quirks in the Word plugin that remind me of this thread. It feels to me like the plugin has reverted to at least some of the behaviour noted there; or maybe it's new?

1. Typing two author names (e.g. Tversky Kahneman), the first results to come up are not the (existing) items where these names are creator, in the order as typed, but a mix of items where both names occur somewhere. So the first hit is a chapter authored by Adams, Berwick, and Kahneman in an edited volume by Tversky. Getting non-hits like this so high up is annoying and happens a lot in a big library.

2. Typing Author(s) Year in a document where I've already cited these folks, I find that the cited items come up first (as expected), BUT they don't seem to be filtered by year. So say I've cited Tversky & Kahneman 1974 and Kahneman & Tversky 1983. Now I type Tversky Kahneman 1980 in the word plugin search box. It first displays both items already cited, despite the year that doesn't match. Only below that comes uncited stuff, including the match I'm looking for, and even that (in current testing) is not filtered by year.

You can imagine that #2, in a document with many citations and with a large library, makes it nearly impossible to quickly narrow down on items you want to cite.

Versions: Zotero 5.0.16 with latest update for Word plugin, running on Windows 7.
  • Type a space after the second author or the year. This seems to be a new behavior in 5.0 that the last word in a search is not actually added to the search string until a space is typed after.

    Regarding your first point, Zotero never searched for the author names in order like you say. What I think you are seeing is a coincidental listing of items where Kahneman is a creator with Tversky, but the search isn’t actually using Kahneman in its query.

  • Re #2, adding a space doesn't make a difference. The "cited" search results don't seem to be filtered by year at all whatever I do.

    Re #1, you're right, the "in order as typed" is not critical and didn't change — the key point I wanted to make is that thought I recalled cases where both are creators to be listed first in the results. Whereas what I see happening currently is that cases where one is chapter author, the other volume editor are listed before that, probably based on alphabetic order.
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    Better description of problems in this new thread.
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