Twitter/rss like option

One idea is to have a twitter like or rss function so users can subscribe to when people update their library (if they make them public).
  • Feeds are planned. As for twitter, I've thought of that as well, though would much prefer a more open solution. But I wrote that more with the perspective that I get nervous about relying on centralized services. It seems more sensible to look at something more distributed.
  • @mvinokur. Great idea! The Zotero API can represent Zotero objects as feeds, and we are already relying on this API internally for the web functionality you see today. It's really just a matter of offering the RSS subscription icon in your browser, and we'll be doing that in the immediate future. Thanks bdarcus for clarifying.
  • Yes, an rss feed to my Library would be a useful launching point for other applications.
  • I think that a subscription feature would be excellent, but I'd also like an intermediate sharing ability. (I know that the ideal of the commons is key to Zotero, but for many active researchers, especially new ones, it is daunting to share an entire collection, especially notes). It would be very useful to be able to share collections using the web based library between mutual followers.
  • Feeds are a great idea, but I agree with brckenr that sharing everything is daunting for new researchers. I'm new to Zotero, and just checked out the privacy settings and was surprised to find that it was an all-or-nothing option. I'd be more inclined to make my library public if I could keep one or more of my collections private.
  • @augustlincoln Collection level sharing is in the works.
  • @Tjowens Yay!That's great news. The more I use Zotero, the more I like it, and I'm looking forward to new developments.
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