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when do a search for "Attachment file type is Presentation", Zotero does not find .ppt or .pptx files. Am I missing something or is this a bug ? Using Zotero 5.0.7 on macOS 10.12.6.

PS: congrats with Zotero 5, I love it ! After years on other reference software, I'm back to it and it's great :)
  • Zotero uses the mimetype, not the mere extension to determine filetype.

    That being said: it looks to me like these extensions will lead to a mimetype of:
    application/, but that the presentation file type is looking for application/powerpoint.
  • Thanks for the reply noksagt. I have to admit I'm not very familiar with this. What can I do about it ?
  • (This is something that will have to be fixed on Zotero’s end)
  • This is fixed for 5.0.8 — thanks.
  • Hi, thanks. Unfortunately this still doesn't work. Ppt files only show up if file type is "Document".
  • Could you provide a Debug ID for opening one of those .ppt files from Zotero?
  • D1292867419
  • Hi, any news on this ?
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