Extract annotations from non-PDF sources

Hi all, this is as much a feature request as a requirement search:
I'm an avid user of Zotfile's Extract Annotations feature to quickly retrieve what I find useful / important in the PDF materials I read.

These days, much of my research comes from blogs and other online sources, which I prefer to read via Instapaper. Instapaper offers a clean reading interface ánd a handy highlighting feature. Same goes for instance for e-books that I happen to read in Marvin. Others will use other apps, but most if not all include highlighting functionalities.

Having highlights from these non-PDF sources extracted into Zotero would be a boon for me.

Would it be best to look at ways of expanding the Zotfile functionality or would it need specific plug-in development in and of itself?
  • It would probably be possible to add such functionality to Zotfile, but you would need code to read the Instapaper or Marvin files. Do these apps have an API? Have other developers (for projects other than Zotero) written open source code for reading these files?

    Joscha, the Zotfile developer, doesn't currently have time to build new features, so this would have to be a contributor pull request.

    (If you are looking to write this yourself, you will probably get more helpful responses on the Zotero-dev Google group.)
  • FWIW, I'm working with the folks at Hypothes.is: http://hypothes.is/
    to import hypothes.is annotations into Zotero. Hypothes.is can annotate webpages, PDFs, and soon also epubs. It's also compliant with a just accepted web standard for annotations.
    No ETA on this, but I think a prototype should happen pretty quickly.
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    Thanks @bwiernik & @adamsmith! Helpful indeed!
    - For Marvin, it turns out there's a plug-in for Calibre that exchanges highlights & annotations. Might pester that community for Zotero implementation ;) http://blog.marvinapp.com/post/49083753609
    - Instapaper's API appears to return the highlights in JSON (not certain if this is W3C standard compatible). https://www.instapaper.com/api
    Exciting development around hypthes.is. Keep us posted!
  • @admasmith I'm looking forward for this next hypothes.is' killer feature. I'd be happy to beta-use it.
  • @adamsmith do you need a hand with the plugin?
  • Also happy to beta test if helpful @adamsmith
  • @adamsmith any update on that? It's so freaking exciting!
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