Search feeds

I am very happy with the V5 update and addition of RSS feeds. I would love to see the ability to search feeds as well. Either by searching 'everything' or a specific feed search tool.

Many thanks for all the great work on this release.
  • Hi, I am interested in this as well, in particular, I would like to be able to search through all the feeds (right now I need to create a search for every feed, and since I have such as 20 journal feeds in my library this is not practicable). Is there any features that I am missing or you are planning to add it any sooner? Thanks
  • ps: the easiest and fast way could be to consider feeds as "feed" type instead of "Journal articles"... in this case we should search for types... However, I have just noticed that you can get the search working when you select one feed at the time; If I try to search through all the library it doesn't pick up any feeds :(.
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