Can I use profiles like Firefox?

Is there any way to use more than two “data directory” in one computer?

Currently I’m the only user of Zotero. My data is on my USB.
However, I want to share my computer with my family and each person to use their own Zotero data on their own USB.

When I start Firefox with multiple profiles, the small window pops up for me to choose user.
Can I use this profile system on Zotero 5 for each person to choose their own data directory on the start?

If possible, when I delete profiles except default (my profile), is the data not deleted?
Is there any potential problems concerning data loss?

Thanks a lot.
  • You can use profiles just like with Firefox, yes. It's the same -P or -ProfileManager flag to start it, though on most platforms you need to use the whole path to Zotero, rather than just zotero in together with it.

    I do think deleting profiles does delete data, though (as it does with Firefox) and I'm not aware of a way around that.
  • Prefs would be deleted, but not data, since data isn't stored in the profile folder by default anymore.
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