On editing window, there is some delay .

edited August 4, 2017
When typing in editing window, there is some delay, that is, some little pauses during my typing in Korean. When I type rapidly, letters appear after a very little pause. Sometimes it feels bothersome.

This is not the delay between separate window and non-separate window that I mean.

Please have a look. I always thank you.

Zotero version: 5.0.8-beta.9+2b3f6b4f1 on Windows 7.
  • Does this happen only in the separate window and not when editing a note in the right-hand pane?
  • Yes, this only happens in the separate window.
    It's not with "right-hand pane".

    But the phenomenon is inconsistent, so it's difficult to make a debug report.
    Could you guess the cause?

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