Is it possible to deactivate the automatic synchronization problem-desolver?
My synchronization needs hours.... it never ends! And I'm neither uploading anything new nor deleting something or anything like this.
The only thing I did was to create subfolders and to sort my stuff.
Thanks in advance for your help.
  • The subfolders have to be synchronized also, i think. So, subfoldering may mean to make something new, from my opinion.
  • Well, that might be. The only problem in my opinion is, that such a synchronization needed seconds to maybe 5 minutes until it was synchronzied, when zotero 4.0 was used. Now with zotero 5.x the synchronization runs hours. So something probably runs not as smooth as is should.
  • How many entries does your library have? Where are the citations stored?

    With Zotero 4 I had one last longing synchronization. I switched off my computer, restarted, and all was fine & done... maybe a risk, but it suceeded.
  • I have 1326 entrys in my library which are stored.... I don't know exactly. I think somewhere in between locally and at the zotero servers. I'm synchronizing between my working computer and my home computer which are 1 km away from each other.

    Thanks for the tip!
  • Synchronization is 5.0 should generally be much faster than 4.0 — instantaneous in most cases. If a sync is taking hours, something is wrong.

    Are you still having trouble? If so, 1) provide a Report ID and 2) what does it say when you hover over the sync icon?
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