Scopus - Unable to save multiple items

edited July 19, 2017
When using the Scopus database ( to search, there is no longer an option to save multiple items at once (as used to be the case a long time ago - I forgot about this issue so I can't remember for how long this has been the case). i.e. on the searc hresults page the zotero icon says "Save to zotero (Web page with snapshot)" when it should be a folder icon to save multiple citations at once.

Also - according to a previous post by Dan:

"If there's a site (other than Google Scholar) where saving from search results doesn't save a PDF but saving from the article page does, you should report that"

So does that mean that saving multiple items from a Scopus search result should also retrieve the pdf's? I'm not sure how this would work as the pdf's aren't linked directly to the search results.
  • I can look at multiples but for the other question, you're missing the second part of what Dan says "but saving from the article page does" -- that's not the case for Scopus as there are no PDFs in general.
  • Oh right, I assumed he meant 'publisher page'
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