Zotero Libre Office Integration Extension: manual installation unsuccessful

I have not had any luck completing the manual installation of the Zotero Libre Office Integration Extension. I took these steps:
Zotero>Cite>Word Processors>"Reinstall LibreOffice Add-in."
The Zotero LibreOffice Integration Panel appears.
I selected "manual installation."
I double-clicked Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt.
A screen appears where "Adding Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt" can be seen at the bottom next to a status bar.
If the installation were progressing smoothly, the blue status would show it.
However, only a teeny bit of blue shows. Nothing happens for a very long time until a message appears indicating that LibreOffice has frozen.
I "Force Quit" LibreOffice and paused for a while before launching it.
After LibreOffice is opened, I noticed that the Zotero icons for "Add/Edit Citation," "Add/Edit Bibliography," "Refresh," "Set Document Preferences," and "Unlink Citations" have (mysteriously) been added to LibreOffice's menu bar.
I created a text document, typed several words, and chose one of them for adding a citation. However, the "Add/Edition Citation" is unresponsive.
I then went to LibreOffice>Tools>Extension Manager and find this at the bottom of the screen:
Zotero LibreOffice Integration 5.0.3
Error: The status of this extension is unknown.

  • which version of LibreOffice on which OS?
  • LibreOffice
    MacOS Sierra 10.12.5
    Zotero 5.0.4 standalone.
  • There is a known LibreOffice issue where plugin installation on MacOS by double-clicking the .oxt file freezes LibreOffice. Any reason why automatic-installation from Zotero Preferences isn't cutting it? Either way, you may need to clear your LibreOffice profile, remove the extension from and try to install it by clicking "Add" in LibreOffice Extension Manager.

    Also make sure that Java JDK is installed and selected in LibreOffice. We will release an update shortly that will prompt MacOS users to install JDK if it is not present.
  • Hi adomasven.
    Thanks for your reply. May I ask:
    (1) when I go to LibreOffice>Preferences>Advanced, the "Use a Java runtime environment" box is not checked, but I can still see "JRE already installed" in an off-gray color. I had not installed JRE. The screen below shows a circle with a dot followed by "Oracle Corporation version 1.8.0_131" in an off-gray color. Does this mean that the JDK has been installed?
    (2) how do I clear my LibreOffice profile?
    (3) you wrote "...remove the extension from and try to..." What is the extension removed from?
    Thanks much.

  • (1) At the bottom of the list the location should include '.jdk'. If it does not, you have Java JRE, which is usually enough for other applications, but not LibreOffice.
    (2) https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile#mw-headline
    (3) The Zotero extension is removed via the Extension Manager. Although clearing your libreoffice profile might remove it either way.
  • Hi adomasven,
    Big Thanks (!) for making time to write back.
    (1) very helpful.
    (2) I chose to reinstall LibreOffice.
    (3) also very helpful.
    Have a great day (or evening) wherever you are.
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