Zotero Standalone 5

Standalone 5.0 is installed correctly for all users on both profiles. However, a current problem I see when switching between profiles is that when I am logged in to Zotero in user1, I am logged into the same Zotero account when I am logged into my workstation as user2 and the same is true when I am logged out; it seems like Zotero 5 does not allow for multiple profiles. Obviously a problem for public workstations.
  • You can have multiple profiles with Zotero 5 just as with Zotero 4 -- I'm not clear about your setup, though. What sort of profiles are we talking about? Zotero/mozilla profiles? Windows profiles? Something else?

    Also, Zotero doesn't really have the concept of "logged in" (except for the forums/website of course)-- there is sync and there's the local database. I'm not sure which of the two you're referring to.
  • Windows user profiles. I installed Zotero 5. Launched as windows user 1, setup syncing. Switched to windows user 2 and my sync settings were still there from user 1.
  • I need a solution to install on all public workstations in the library.
  • That shouldn't happen unless there's something weird about your setup. There's a Zotero profile directory, which stores preferences (including the data directory setting), and there's a Zotero data directory, which in 5.0 defaults to "Zotero" within the user directory. Both are local to the OS user account, and other accounts shouldn't even have access to read those files.
  • Actually, I think what happened was when I installed 5.0 onto of 4.0, I had the same sync credential setup under both profiles, because after unlinking in one, the other profiles settings are preserved. Sorry for the false alarm!
  • Understood. With 4.0 I had sync'ing setup with same credentials accross both my profiles. Thanks.
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