5.0 Beta bug: impossible pasting images in notes

edited February 10, 2017
When I create snapshot to copy parts of pdf files (I'm using the "Snapshot Tool" from the PDF-XChange Viewer software) I can not paste it into a new or already made note.

Drug and drop the same image file into the note has no effect.

If I just copy a simple image from google images there are no problems. But if I want to erase it than all the note content is erased (text+images).

- Ctrl+z not always brings back the content of the note.
- Ctrl+v seems to work as Del: if I select a work and press Ctrl+v I erase it. If I press Ctrl+z than I bring it back

The main toolbar and the mouse right click menu don't have any Copy/Paste option so I can not verify using alternative custom built methods.
  • That's on purpose for the most part.

    Images pasted in notes don't work reliably and caused all types of problems in Zotero 4, which is why it's now impossible to paste them there.

    The google images behavior sounds odd, though -- what exactly are you doing there?
  • I just:
    - I search for an image like: https://www.google.ch/search?tbm=isch&q=zotero&tbs=imgo:1&gws_rd=cr&ei=ls-dWP7LHoL7adPssrgB#gws_rd=cr&imgrc=PSsZPF86Dst05M:

    - right click and "Copy image"

    - open\create new note in zotero and Ctrl+v

    I can paste the image

    (I never had any problem in pasting images within notes...! When I extracted annotation from underlined paper was essential to add the snapshot picture of some figures.. Is it not possible to set it back as a preferential option? :( )
  • Just to clarify, when you copy an image from Google Images and paste, the clipboard content also includes the image's URL, and that's what's being inserted into the note — an HTML <img> element with an HTTPS URL to the image. That's fully supported.

    When you drag and drop an image, there's no remote URL, and since you're not supposed to be able to embed raw image data in notes — it worked in 4.0 and earlier only by accident, and it generally broke syncing — that's now properly disallowed in 5.0. We hope to add proper support for it in the future.
  • That's quite clear.
    I never had issues because I never used the zotero sync feature. I always sync (with other sync software) the main folder with my external hd and export/backup my database.

    May be implementing a "Note" section in the settings panel would help in the customization of note's properties depending on the personal needs (selecting for example to have the sync but no images or give up syncing keeping the images in the notes).

    Thanks for clarifying
  • Alb
    edited June 27, 2017
    Dear all,

    I don't know if that's another mistake (hope not!!) but with Zotero5.0-beta.222+a56af4a10 I can now paste snapshot from pdf files into notes again!

  • We decided to allow it again for now, because some people (like you) rely on the feature locally without syncing, and we hope to be able to support it properly for syncing in the future.
  • I was still hoping for a fix, this is why once in a while I was trying to paste images XD

    Thanks a lot!!
  • @dstillman Does that mean the feature will work only if you have sync turned off, but will break sync if you try to sync?
  • It's just the same behavior as 4.0. You can drag/paste images, but they'll break syncing. The difference in 5.0 was that we were finally able to prevent the dragging properly (since this was never meant to be supported), but we've decided not to do that.
  • I've never used the feature, and probably might not going forward, but useful to know what not to do and how to fix it. The image format does not matter, right? And if sync is broken, will deleting the image reactivate the sync?
  • yes to both.
  • Just want to clarify. When inserting images into a note, does this break sync for the entire library or just prevent that note from syncing? Cheers,
  • Just saying, I have an image pasted in my notes and sync still works for me!
    (I'm syncing to a WebDav account in Box.com)

    Although I remember once previously I got an error saying the note was too large in size for sync (so I just saved the image as a png and made it an attachment that time)
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