Locate an object in my library

When I search for an item (and find it) how do I know in which collection I have put it in my library ?
I understood selecting it should highlight the collection or sub-collection in which it appears but it is not the case.
Can you help ? Thanks !
  • Select the item and push the CTRL key
  • Thank you for your answer. I forgot to mention that I work on a Mac (MacBook Pro).
    Does it work differently ? CRTL key does not seem to have any effect...
  • Great !!! It works :-)
    Thank you so much for your help.

  • @adamsmith The ability to see collections associated with an item is probably among the most asked for feature that already exists. Is that a sign that the feature needs to be implemented differently, so users can find it easily? Maybe selecting an item should automatically show its collections, without having to press another key?
  • @gurdas This functionality does not work if you select two or more items from different collections
  • Yes, I absolutely think this needs to be implemented better/more visibly. I think where we left this discussion with Dan was that it'd be combined with the ability to assign items to collections by keyboard, i.e. somewhere in the right-hand pane (where you'd see all collections an item is in, be able to type in new ones and delete ones. That does somewhat duplicate tag functionality, but totally worth it).
  • Please consider this a +1 on making it more intuitive to see all the collections that contain an item.

    I'm thinking of it a bit like Mac Finder's "Show in enclosing folder" option. I know this is a bit different but somehow being able to manage all the collections an item is associated with would be so useful.
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