[5.0 beta] Book Author disappeared?

It seems that, while still present in the scheme, the Book author item disappeared (at least, no such item is visible in build 216). It also seems that this item has been cancelled from pre-existing records.
  • You're talking about the Book Author creator type in Book Section items? That definitely still exists. It doesn't exist in Book items, only Book Section items.
  • Book author was never used for item type book. In the item Book Section is still available and no records were changed (I am using beta 5.0 build 216) in mine database.
  • Book Author is an item from the author section, not as a book type.

    It came back! I don't understand...
    On this screenshot, you can see "Auteur du livre" (Book author) below "auteur" (Author). It was not there this morning when I started the discussion. There might be some instability at least...
  • @dstillman
    My mistake... Sorry for all of this and your time : I copied a book item, left it as book (I would have had to change to book chapter), so I could not have a BookAuthor
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