[Juris-M] Blank library after upgrading to Firefox 54

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  • @fbennett I note that this is also impacting Juris-M, even after a full reinstall of all the addons. The database is there, and undamaged: it shows up in Juris-M. Standalone. But in FF, the library folders display, but not their content.
  • Ditto here. Plain Old Zotero in Firefox won't play nice with the Juris-M database, of course. M
  • I had the update to Zotero for Firefox to Version beforehand Firefox update to 54.

    Un- and reinstalling Firefox-updates is not that easy, as Firefox-related things are stored deep in the profile-folders from Firefox.

    Maybe you revert to Firefox 53, install most actual Zotero-Addons, und update to FF 54 then?
  • I downloaded and forced a backlevel to 53.0.3 from the command line in Linux. Works. Thx, M
  • A fix for Juris-M is in progress.
  • The latest Juris-M 4.0 release should work with Firefox 54. Available here.
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