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  • like all Firefox plugins, you can uninstall it under tools-->add-ons in Firefox.
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    Thanks, that's what I tried first, but it doesn't show up under the add-ons. I can see that it's installed, though, because there is abbreviations-for-zotero.sqlite in my zotero folder.
  • it may just not have removed the file on uninstall.
    Do you still have the "abbrevs" button in the classic add citation dialog? If not, the add-on isn't installed anymore.
  • The plugin is now part of Zotero (i.e. it's no longer a separate plugin). Unfortunately, currently, Zotero will ignore Journal Abbreviation field if the "Automatically abbreviate journal titles" option is selected in document preferences. (that's actually not entirely correct. Sometimes it will use Journal Abbreviation field, but that bug will be fixed in an upcoming Zotero version).

    We're exploring option on how to let users override the automatically generated abbreviations. The only solutions right now are to either (A) turn off automatic abbreviations, or (B) change the abbreviation manually once the manuscript is completed.

    However, what journal title is abbreviated incorrectly by Zotero? We should be able to fix this.
  • (abbreviations-for-zotero.sqlite was only used by the plugin, though. That's not a regular component of Zotero)
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    Yes, I have an abbrevs button. I installed the plugin and never uninstalled it.

    I didn't get the plugin to work for me, though I didn't try very hard. Too much headache. The problem now is that I have an unrelated bug which started happening after I installed the plugin. My citation style is supposed to use the short title for newspapers. It always worked before installing the plugin. Now it often fails and uses the full title instead. Though I find that if I edit the item in zotero, it starts using the short title again--for that item.

    The plugin may not be the cause, but I would like to uninstall it in case it's responsible for the bug.
  • it really shouldn't be possible to have an add-on that's not listed under tools-->add-ons. If it's not listed there it shouldn't be loaded.
    You can try to see if it still has an entry in the extensions folder in the Firefox profile directory
    and if so move it out of there and restart Firefox.
  • OK, new twist. I restarted FF, and voila, the add-on appears. So I uninstalled it. Now when I'm using FF with word plugin, there is no abbrevs button. Great.

    But I usually use standalone. And that still has an abbrevs button in the classic dialog. When I go to Application Support/Zotero, I see an abbreviations-for-zotero folder under extensions. I assume the FF plugin installed it there and didn't remove it. Can I just delete that folder?
  • In Standalone, go to Tools -> Add-ons and remove it from there.
  • Done. And the bug has gone away too. Thank you everyone for your help, and sorry for cluttering up this thread.
  • A fresh release of the Abbreviation Filter plugin is now available. The new version fixes several bugs in list imports, and should work smoothly with official Zotero.

    If you tried the plugin previously and found it wanting, it might be worth giving it another try.
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    Frank, I'm trying to import an abbreviation JSON list (tested, valid) to use it with an existing document, but it doesn't seem to work. If I click "Import", the "Manage Abbreviation List" Pane closes and nothing changes.
    Thank you.

    Edit: and what is the function of the "Import from defaults" – "Select a resource" drop-down menu ?
    Edit2: it would be nice to have a "OK" button !
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    I am having the same problem that @Gracile pointed out: I am not capable to import any json file. I was able to do that with the previous version though.

    Since it looks that even this plugin is dead (last comment 2 years ago and with no reply) is there any way to use custom abbreviations?
    I tried to put an "abbreviasions.json" file in the mail folder of zotero as someone
    (Simon?) reported but with no luck. Any ideas? I really need a solution since I have a dead line in a week, and I am not willing to replace manually the entire bibliography :(
    Thanks for any tips or help!
  • @Breath: Terribly sorry about any confusion you have suffered. I'll add a belated note to the CitationStylist site to forestall future disappointments.

    The Abbreviation Filter and other Zotero-related things I work on now live here:

    The plugin is tested mainly against the Juris-M 5.0 client, because we absolutely need it for legal referencing, and I have limited time to chase other projects for the various plugins I maintain. That said, if the latest version won't install in your environment, let me know and I'll take a look when I can.
  • @fbennett: thank you for your quick response. I was able to find the last version of your plugin last Sunday. It is loaded but I do not think it is working correctly: for example, if I remove the option "automatically abbreviate journal titles" in Zotero document preferences and I click on "Abbrev." I can see the entire list of the journal names cited in my word document in your window and I can manually replace them. However, If I click "import" I can only import from one of the voices in your list (such as "scientific journal") but there is no chance I can import a .json file that it was created either with a previous version of your plugin or with this one (after clicking the export option). Unfortunately, a few scientific journals require abbreviations without dots whereas the most of them need dots. For this reason, times ago I was able, using your plugin, to export 2 different json files, one with dots and one without. I hope you can help me, maybe I am just doing something wrong. Thank you in advance
  • Thanks. It sounds like there is a bunch in import then. I'll check it this weekend.
  • Unfortunately, a few scientific journals require abbreviations without dots whereas the most of them need dots. For this reason, times ago I was able, using your plugin, to export 2 different json files, one with dots and one without. I hope you can help me, maybe I am just doing something wrong.
    independent of the abbreviations add-on that isn't actually necessary. Citation styles can handle removing periods in abbreviations. You can let us know if we have this wrong for any style in the repository. I'd recommend against going through the trouble of keeping two separate lists for that.
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    I would like to make a JSON list and saw above an example to follow, but can someone tell me how to make it into an actual JSON list? Do I copy/paste it somewhere in Zotero? Also, how do I modify the sample list?
  • @fbennett Thank you! It would be much appreciated if I can get this thing sorted out soon.

    @adamsmith Thank you for your suggestion. I found out right now how to that with the styles. However, in my current manuscript different references are not abbreviated using the zotero option such as " Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews" "Clinical and Translational Imaging" and few others. In that case, like @cakebaker asked, is there any way we can locally "update" the database? As I stated in one of my previous posts, @Simon reported that we had to copy an abbreviation.json file in the main folder of zotero, but it doesn't appear to be working anymore (or maybe am I doing something wrong?). I guess there are several other journals "not so common/known" to the most but still pretty important in our small fields. For this reason, @fbennett plugin is really important so we can update the missing abbreviations and have them stored in a local file which would be much easier to handle rather than sqlite database.
  • My list has to be different as well. For instance, I have:
    Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MDDELCC).
    Would like only the acronym in the in-text reference and the full name in the bibliography
  • @Breath -- I'd like to take this to a different thread if you don't mind starting one (including the citation style that you're currently using). I think your issue really should be entirely solvable with Zotero proper and without the abbreviations add-on. Cakebaker's concerns really do require the add-on, and I think it's going to get confusing if we mix the two issues.
  • @adamsmith Ok, done. I hope we can find a solution. Thanks
  • @fbennett Morning, with @adamsmith help I think I found another bug(?): basically, when your addon is enabled, the "automatically abbreviate option" is not working anymore. I can still click and select it but It seems that your plugin is overwriting such a feature. Is that how it is supposed to be?

    Thank you
  • That's how it's set up, but if it causes confusion it should be changed in some way. In Juris-M, AF is a basic requirement, and I'm afraid I didn't worry much about the behavior in other contexts.

    I'm not sure what the best behavior would be. Both AF and the Zotero native abbreviations are automatic, so just enabling the option might leave people with a different variety of confusion. My inclination offhand would be to just modify the option text with a note that "automatic" is forced because AF is installed and enabled.

    That, plus fix imports so that the plugin itself is fully operational. AF should also have an option to adopt the Zotero list of abbreviations for a particular style. Then you could start with that, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • If you could override the Document Preferences pane to show a choice of Abbreviations lists, one of which is Zotero-default Medline and one of which is Item Data Abbreviations, that would be ideal.
  • I'm hoping you can make it easy for the common of mortals to create their own custom lists. Perhaps a add custom list button where one could name their list and type in their items.
  • @bwiernik: I'll see if I can make that happen.

    @Cakebaker: For the present, I'll just work on getting what's in there working correctly. Full-list editing support probably won't happen, unless someone contributes code to implement it. Lists can be quite large, and implementing a UI that is easier than editing JSON files directly would take quite a bit of work.

    Meanwhile, I've found the bug that was messing up imports. Imports of all kinds were broken, in fact. I'll look into the change suggested by @bwiernik, and do a few other small tweaks before making a release later today.
  • Hmm. I've had a second thought on @bwiernik's suggestion. Once imports are working, AF can be used to install the Medline list against any given style. Since it can do that, and also open the entries for editing, I think it may make more sense to just replace the tick-box with a note to that effect, when the plugin is active.

    Anyway, I'll fuss with it, and put up a beta before a final release of the now-working AF.
  • I've made some changes in a new release. This is the Z5-compatible version. I'm not sure if it will work with Z4 (Standalone or FF).

    The builtin imports are confirmed to work. External imports from file should work as well (click on the button next to the import pulldown to change the mode.

    See how it goes.
  • @fbennett ok, thank you! I will test it next week when I am done with the submission of the current manuscript. Thank you
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