Save to Zotero (pdf) is failing without error message

edited June 10, 2017
When I click the zotero connector in Chrome while viewing a pdf page it shows the usual progress pop-up which looks as if it is doing the right thing successfully, but no new entry shows up in my zotero. My bug report ID is D324029332
  • I've created a ticket for this. Not immediately obvious why it fails, as other resources behind proxies are retrieved fine, so might be a tough one to get a solution for quickly.
  • Are you saying you don't get an error message in the progress window on the PDF page after the save fails?
  • Yes, that is right. No error message. Usually when I use a connector to save to zotero and the download of the pdf fails, this is indicated by a cross in front of the pdf in the popup window. In this case there is no such error indication and the popup window closes as if everything had gone well.
  • Are you on Zotero 4.0? That's most likely what's causing the error indicator to fail. Zotero 5.0 is just around the corner and that will be fixed there.
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