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    a variable for the citation number suffix, e.g. "citation-number-suffix" (similar to "year-suffix")
    "citation-number" currently refers to the sequence position of each item in the bibliography, beginning with 1, where the bibliography is either in document order, or sorted with arbitrary keys. That value would be needed internally to generate these reference lists, but it is not used directly as a variable.

    If "citation-number" is used instead, in these compound styles, for the citation cluster number in which one or more cites occurs, that would change the meaning of "citation-number", and the raw sequence number would become inaccessible through CSL. That may be acceptable, but if not, or if the documentation might prove confusing, a separate variable (say "citation-cluster-number" or "citation-group-number" or so) could be used instead for this special purpose.

    If "citation-cluster-number" etc were introduced, there would be no need for a toggle in cs:bibliography.

    A thought, anyway.
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    Agreed. It's a pity that "citation-number" is a bit of a misnomer in CSL jargon (citation --> in-text or note string that contains one or more cites), though.
  • Come to think of it, "year-suffix" is also a misnomer. It provides disambiguation for cites that would otherwise be identical, and when included explicitly, it doesn't depend on the presence of a date in the output. It could be used directly to provide the suffixes in this category styles.
  • Yes, CSL is a mess :).
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    If used for compound styles, the behavior of "year-suffix" would change, though, at least in one aspect: whenever a citation cites all items that share the same "citation-cluster-number", the suffixes are hidden. E.g.:

    "as discussed by Smith (4) and Doe (5a).

    4 a) ... ; b) ... ; c) ... .
    5 a) ... ; b) ... ."

    instead of

    "as discussed by Smith (4a-c) and Doe (5a)."
  • True, well spotted.
  • Hi there,

    after almost 1 year from last post, I d like to know if anything is changed since last post...

    Thank you
  • No, there hasn't been any progress, neither in the CSL specification, nor in the citation processor.
  • Please help!

    Zotero used to cite multiple sources like this:

    "Many have tried fibrin as a solution [1-3]"
    1. Van Bammel et al...
    2. Rossin et al...
    3. Soon et al...

    It is now doing this:

    "Many have tried fibrin as a soultion [1]"
    1. Van Bammel et al, Rossin et al, Soon et al."

    It seems to group multiple citations into one pointer. This is obviously not the proper way to cite but I can't get it to stop doing this. Very odd!
  • Which style?
  • all styles. I am on a PC and using Word 2010.
  • I can't replicate that - works correctly for me. Please pick one style in particular and run us through exactly what you're doing. Also, which Zotero version are you using?
  • Zotero v4.0.4 for windows. Word 2010.
    First I'll choose the style, which will be Chicago Manual of Style (note) and I choose endnote (rather than footnote). At the end of the sentence, I press ctrl-alt-A (alternatively I could mouse to add-ins-->insert zotero citation). The Zotero widget pops up, I choose the 3 citations sequentially and press enter. Instead of seeing [1-3] pop up at the bottom, I see [1], as described above. Note that I haven't yet pressed "add bibliography" - it just shows up like that.

    Of note, this happens with any style I choose. I suspect this is something to do with Word 2010 on a PC. It's almost as if Word is using it's crappy referencing format but harnessing Zotero to access the reference - is this possible?
  • ah, see, but for Chicago Manual of style, putting these all in one Footnote _is_ correct.

    Try Vancouver or IEEE
  • That was a bad choice of example then on my part - the same thing happens for *all* the styles. (As an aside, I always used Chicago Manual since its the default, never had this problem before).
  • You'll need to work with us here. Can you confirm this doesn't work correctly in Vancouver?

    What happens if you press "insert Bibliography"?

    I can absolutely guarantee you that you would never have been able to produce 1-3 with any of the Chicago Manual Styles with Zotero.
  • OK - I fixed it. Thanks adamsmith - here's what I did:

    As you said, I must have started with the default initially (Chicago Manual) which references in the manner discussed. The problem was that I couldn't automatically switch to something else as I normally could. Every time I tried it would keep the referencing format but just change the format of the actual references. What I ended up doing was going through each citation one by one, deleting it and redo-ing it. This was the only thing that worked.

    Let me know if there is an easy way to switch from format to format - I used to be able to do that by simply highlighting everything and changing the Zotero citation format.

    Thanks for your help!
  • You should be able to switch format by clicking on "Set Document Preferences" and then to just switch it. No need to highlight anything. If that didn't work there was some type of problem or bug - now that it's working for you we probably won't be able to figure out what it was, but if this occurs again do let us know.
  • That's what wasn't working (highlight or no highlight - I tried everything, as you can imagine). But it is now working as long as I don't start with Chicago Manual. So I will indeed let you know if I encounter this again.
  • Wait - if you can consistently replicate that when starting with CMoS we'd like to troubleshoot that. That should certainly not be the case.
  • I took a video of it - please provide me with an email to send to.
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    If you use Dropbox, you can upload it there and provide a link from the website. Or the same on another file-sharing site.

    If not, and the file is smaller than 5MB or so, you can email it to with a link to this thread.
  • Hi,

    Old thread. I want to know if there is already any progress to resolve this issue. What is the main problem, why CSL cannot make alphabetical (multiple) citation?
  • No progress. The main problem is that every other bibliographic system in every other discipline has one citation per bibliography entry, so that's how Zotero's word processor integration and the CSL language are set up.
    To accommodate these type of composite citation, we need an entirely different vocabulary and a different way of inserting citations where bibliography entries are a weird hybrid between citation and bibliography. I don't see it happening any time soon unless someone interested gets involved in the logistic and coding details of it.
  • Hi,

    it seems that sooner or later every zoteroist-chemist is stumbling upon this post...
    As a "clean" solution is likely impossible to implement, I was wondering if it was possible to integrate instead some sort of freestyle item type as a workaround. I imagine basically something like a citable note, containing text entered and formatted in zotero. When this "note" is then cited in a document it should appear in the bibliography featuring the desired formatting. Anything could go into such a document type, either that weird a)...b) stuff or comments/remarks that also end up quite often in the bibliography section of a chemical article.
    No clue if this is possible, but it would be so nice ;)
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    You could hack that already: Pick an item type that you don't use otherwise. Use just it's abstract or extra field to include the text you need. Then tell the citation style to print the abstract (or extra) field for all items of that item type. It's a bit hackish, but would work smoothly along the lines of what you propose.

    I think Zotero could also at least consider to lift the character limit on Standalone notes-- you can currently cite those, but they're cut off after the first x number of characters (100?).

    We're still interested in getting the compound styles for chemistry to work, but not anywhere closer if we're honest.
  • Thanks for the quick reply!
    Good idea to use the abstract section and to change the citation style. So far I was using the author field of a journal article for that, but the character limit then prevents syncing if it gets too long.
  • yes, I was considering suggesting title, but I think that has a 255 char limit, too. Zotero to CSL mappings are here
    let us know if you need help with the modifications, which will be pretty simple, something like 5 lines.
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    Hey there...

    It has been 5 years now and, since most of the chemical journals are now requiring to "collapse" all the references on the same topic in just one bibliography voice, I was wondering if any progress at all has been done in this direction. Maybe/hopefully the 5.0 version has this feature?
    Thank you for your job guys!
  • No, honestly there hasn't been any movement. As I say above, the changes required are substantial and the people most involved in making them stretched thin for various reasons.
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