[5.0 beta] Constant Sync conflicts

I'm running 5.0 (195) regularly since earlier this week. I have other instances of 4.0 running and am in several groups where most members are on 4.0. I am getting constant sync conflict messages, most of them for seemingly identical items with identical modification times. Here's an image:
The item here is https://www.zotero.org/groups/975340/items/itemKey/XD8SATMP
I have accepted the remote copy on sync conflicts repeatedly but conflicts keep re-occurring, though seemingly with different items. I'm happy to try to provide more info -- unfortunately this isn't quire recurringly enough to make providing debug output trivial, though I'm happy to to try.
  • A whole lot of weird things going on in there that need to be fixed, but a Debug ID would be helpful if you can manage it — I'm not noticing any obvious problems with conflicts syncing between 4.0 and 5.0.
  • OK so D1809258200 covers
    - starting sync
    - Getting a sync conflict for 3 items
    - First item is a PDF with a note where the remote copy doesn't have links
    - Select local copy and click next --> The whole dialog goes away (the "Use local copy for all" checkbox isn't checked)
  • Sync finishes with an error:
    An error occurred during syncing:


    Report ID: 899412474

    In the error report: [JavaScript Error: "getNote() can only be called on notes and attachments"]
  • OK, the above error went away when I checked the "Use local copy for all" option and clicked next. A sync produced another sync error, this time with 18 items. I cancelled that sync, enabled debug, then restarted sync which (as expected) brought the sync conflict back up.
    All conflicts are notes that look 100% identical. Manually selected remote for 3, then checked remote copy for all, clicked next, let it run a little longer and then stopped & send debug (while letting the sync run).

  • OK, I've fixed the missing links on the remote version (which was actually an old issue), fixed a bunch of UI issues in that dialog, and added better logging for the "getNote()" error. Can you update to the latest and try again?
  • (this is on my office Desktop, so will get back to you on Monday. Thanks!)
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