Add more options to Secondary Sort (Date)


The items in a zetero collection can be sorted by Creator, Date, Year, etc(and you can select more columns such as Volume, Issue, Pages, etc from 'More Columns').

In addition, there is a Secondary Sort option, but the Columns there are limited, including only: Title, Creator, Item Type, Publisher, Publication, Date Added and Date Modified.

Specifically, I want the items in my zotero collection to be sorted first by Date, and then by 'Pages'. However, this is currently not possible as 'Pages' is not among the columns under Secondary Sort.

Is there any way that can be achieved?


(I know a workaround is to a create separate Collection or SubCollection. But I am trying to find if it is possible to do so without resorting to that workaround).
  • Dear All,

    First, as always, I love Zotero and appreciate all you do. This is not a complaint, but a request if possible.

    I want to second this post. I would love to have more options on the Secondary Source Menu. It would help me understand the documents I am looking at.

    Any chance this is an easy fix?
  • Hi everybody,

    I wanted to raise this topic to ask whether there is a way to have other options for secondary sort; such as sort by issue and so on.

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