How do I clean my online library?

I usually sync my attach files through google drive. But for the meta data, it is synced through my online zotero account.

Because my storage limit is 300MB, I want to clean unnecessary files. Is there any tip for this?
  • If you have your attached files on google drive, then there is not necessary to have it on Zotero servers and you can sync only metadata.
  • Yes. I am just afraid that in the future, my meta data has size larger than 300MB. Currently, my meta data has around 200MB. Maybe I have to remove some of my meta data.
  • Metadata syncs for free. Only attachment files count against your storage quota.
  • Ah, I misunderstood something. It is very surprising that notes are also free. Although I only set Data syncing, not File syncing in option menu, I don't understand why my storage has around 200MB. Many thanks, I will check!
  • Text doesn't take much storage space, so notes are also free, yes.

    Did you previously have File Syncing enabled? You may have some previously synced files still taking up space. Alternatively, are the owner of any Group Libraries?
  • Good night
    I have the same issue. Recently noted that my storage is close to 300MB limit.
    I don't attach PDF to items, but just link them.
    My current library has more than 8000 items (recently added some external collections, with no PDFs, but I'm considering delete all...)
    Is normal to have 200MB just with metadata, notes, and some web page snapshots?
    I have no sync function activated, as long I remember...
    Thanks for your feedback
  • as per bwiernik, notes and metadata don't take up any storage, but yes, using up 200MB for snapshots is completely normal, if anything quite low for 8000 items.
  • Thank you adamsmith
    I copy 7300 items for another account, and there this items occupy just 0,4 MB.
    After then I delete the items from the account in question (left 900 items), and checking storage in original account: already is close to limits.
    I did an advanced search with Attachment>web page, and there is close to 600 snapshots.
    This still fit in the previsible storage, or maybe there is other items need to be "purged"?
  • the size of snapshots varies a lot, so impossible to say -- but if you concern is just remaining below the free sync threshold: you're aware that you can just disable file syncing entirely in the sync tab of the Zotero preferences?
  • Yes, the sync of My libray is disabled...
  • Sorry I just note that I'm responding from two different users. Checking storage, I'm switching between accounts...
  • If file syncing is disabled, then you really don't have to worry about being below the 300 mb. Just don't worry about whatever those 200 mb you have are. As we say, notes and metadata don't take up any storage quota.
  • Thanks for comment.
    So, could be accurate my conclusion that effectively the storage is full because the web snapshots...?

    Current Usage

    My Library - 196.9 MB (900 items - no PDFs, 600 snapshots and notes)...?

    Group 1 - 92 MB (82 items - with 39 PDFs)... fit

    Group 2 - 3.6 MB (2 items - 2 notes, 1 PDF, 3 links, 1 snapshot)... fit

    Total - 292.5 MB

    If this is true, what is te best way to eliminate snapshots? Some kind of batch way? manually one by one?
  • can I just ask again why you're even worried on whether your storage is full? If you have file sync disabled on all computers, syncing will simply not be affected in any way by the status of your files storage.
  • I'm tried to understand the sources of the 292 MB storage usage (data from web account, not in my computer).
    Syncing is disabled in the computer I currently use (except for Groups, which explains just 96 of this 292 MB).
    So, if syncing is disabled, why my account is almost full? 900 items from My library not explain that.
    Snapshots could be using this storage even with syncing disabled?
    I prefer not to achieve the limits in my free account, in case I relly need store some there.
    I'm not understanding how this works. Maybe in some moment I don't keep in mind this syncing "happens", maybe I had activated temporarily in the past.

    Is clear this explanation?

    Thanks again
  • yeah, so you likely had file sync enabled at some point from one of your computers and that uploaded Snapshots. As I tell you above, 200MB is, if anything, little for 600 Snapshots, so there's really nothing mysterious about this.

    You can get rid of them by searching for attachment content type -- is -- webpage, moving them to trash, and emptying the Zotero trash, but I really wouldn't throw out documents just because of some data in your online account that you're not actually using at all.
  • edited May 11, 2017
    I believe the status is... "1) in anticipation that I am likely to want to use file storage some day AND 2) I want to be able to upload a file without stopping work to do the necessary housecleaning before so that I then have the storage space..."

    As I now have my account set to unlimited storage this doesn't currently affect me. However, I can certainly understand a desire to eliminate a bunch of snapshots that were uploaded before realizing that 1) for most records, snapshots are not needed; and 2) automatic uploading of snapshots can be turned off. (Can automatic snapshots be turned off when using the bookmarklet?)
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