[Z5.0beta] "img scr=" code in notes

edited May 6, 2017
I can put images on the web in notes using "img src=" code.
It works fine.

However, I can't put my local images using same codes.
For example, the following code doesn't show image but broken-image-icon in the place : img src="o:\zotero_data_attachment\004_메모스캔\20160213_Isocrates_Evagoras_008-011 분석.jpg"

Is there any way to make show local images in notes?
  • edited May 7, 2017
    As far as I have tested, "img src=" code doesn't work for local image, only for ones on the Web.

    To use "img scr=" for local files would be an alternative to insert images in notes without making DB heavy, I guess.

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