[5.0 Beta] Accessed field changes dates

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  • There seems to be a bug in build 185 in the Accessed field. If I enter any date as day, month, year (i.e. 14 April 2017) nothing appears in the field when I press enter. If I enter it as April 14, 2017 or 4/14/2017, then it will appear as one day earlier when I press enter (i.e. 4/13/2017).
  • Should be fixed in the latest build, 193 — thanks.
  • @dstillman This is still broken in build 193. When I enter April 14, 2017 the entry is correctly recorded as 4/14/2017, but within 10 or so seconds it automatically becomes 4/13/2017, 8:00:00 PM

    I was able to make it disappear once but not able to replicate that error.
  • OK, that should be fixed in the latest.
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