Half/small screen Zotero layout issues

On my widescreen PC, I often work with two windows side-by-side maximized vertically and with half the screen each; browser on one side, document on the other. This leaves Firefox with as little as 640 horizontal pixels, or as many as 840, depending on which screen I happen to be using.
Zotero does not adapt well to these spaces; the sync, toggle fullscreen, and close icons disappear off to the right, even though there should be space for them to move left. The pane on the left can be closed to give space to the other panes (NEAT!), but there's insufficient ability to move its divider to the right to make it larger. At 640 horizontal, the right pane doesn't show fully, and its divider can't be moved to the left to make it larger (although paradoxically, closing the left pane then moving the divider of the right pane to the RIGHT does sometimes bring its missing contents into view). (I am working with title/creator/date/date added columns in the middle pane, in case that makes any difference.)
It would be good to have some attention to the UI at this sort of window size; my use case must be very common. Putting an open/close control on the right panel like the one on the left might be useful. And generally allowing the user more flexibility to stretch things as required would be a big help.
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    I second this post. I use a tablet PC in portrait and zotero doesn't display well at all. For me, it would be great to be able to hide the right column (item details) like it is possible with the left one (folders). Usually, I don't need the info in the right pane, but I want to be able to read a significant part of the item name etc. while still seeing the folder window.

    edit: just found this thread which describes how the details pane can be hidden:
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    I have similar screen issues with Standalone Zotero 3.0b2.1 on my Dell Netbook running Linux. I find it impossible to scroll down to the bottom of many of my collections. If there any way to resolve this? By the way I love 3.0, it has fixed nearly all of my lag frustrations because of a fairly large library.

    I should also add that I cannot activate the tag selector because I cannot scroll down to the bottom of my library pane.
  • I have a related issue with 4.0.12. When I switch my tablet to portrait mode (800 x 1280), the three right-most icons disappear off the screen. This is especially problematic for me since I have automatic sync turned off, and must manually trigger.

    The problem goes away if I close the left panel. Surprisingly, the problem is mostly resolved if I re-open the left panel.
  • Still not fixed!
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    Still not fixed!
    There are a number of issues described in this thread (I think most may actually still be unresolved), so which one are you referring to?
  • "Zotero does not adapt well to these spaces; the sync, toggle fullscreen, and close icons disappear off to the right, even though there should be space for them to move left."
  • It would be nice to see a fix for this at some point. If adaptive design doesn't work for some reason, maybe a button to switch between landscape/portrait layouts could be implemented.
  • Zotero 5.0 has a vertical/stacked layout option
  • Zotero 5.0 has a vertical/stacked layout option
    Thank you for the hint! It's a bit cramped but works well enough.
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