[5.0 beta] Error: item not loaded

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Trying to update a file with citations (created with 4.x, but saved with 5.0 beta) after an update on the style, I got this message: [JavaScript Error: "Item data not loaded and field '1' not set for item 1154558/GCVEES9E"].

[I also had a syncing problem, solved by updating to 5.0 b180]

Report ID: 2099454492

After the update, the Item data problem remains (impossible to generate a report), even using the duplicate from "Publications" or, worse, creating a new item from the site it has been published.

I can send the three versions of the file which has problem.
[edit: not sure at all to have understood which file has a problem: after removing the citation, the problem remains, with the same item]
[edit: in a new file, the supposed item with problem has no problem when inserted]

Thanks for your help and answer
  • What do you mean by "update a file with citations"? Can you explain exactly what you're doing, step by step, and what's happening? Feel free to write in French — we can read it fine.


    A Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for the action that produces the error may also be helpful.
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    I had a Word file, with citations, created with Zotero 4. After its creation, I made changes in the style. In order to have them appearing (meanwhile, I moved to beta 5), I refreshed the file.
    Here came the error.
    Debug ID: D599417191
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    Another test with another word file, also created with Zotero 4. Same problem, with another file: when refreshing, "Item data not loaded and field '1' not set for item 1808058/86P2W7U3".
    The same message appears when I try to insert a bibliography.

    [edit: when I remove every codes and then reinsert them, everything is fine]

    Debug ID: D1066868550
  • This should be fixed in the latest beta, 181 — thanks. (This happened if there was an item in the document from a library you hadn't yet opened in the current Zotero session.)
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