Style error: Journal of Biogeography

Hi there, I just found a couple of errors in the style of Journal of Biogeography. First of all, the surnames should be separated from the first names with a comma ",", and references with more than 20 authors should be shortened to show only the first three authors and "et al.".

You can look at the journal citation style in that website:

I have modified the style and created my own fixing these issues. You can find the my version here:


Diego Nieto Lugilde
  • This style still seems to contain the same errors as reported above. The link to the modified style is unfortunately broken. Anybody has a updated corrected style for the Journal of Biogeography?
  • A more correct citation style can be downloaded from (search for the journal)
  • edited April 13, 2017
    Both sites will have the exact same style. If anything, the styles on editor.citation... are usually older by 3 months or so.
    I'll have a look into the style though and get it updated to match the guidelines.

    I've made the changes and the updated style will be up withina day or two usually. We'll announce it here.
  • Hi there.

    The new style is up on the style repository.
  • Sorry for not replying earlier and thank you for the updating the style in the repository.
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