Access dates for online journal articles not displayed in bibliography

Hi everyone !

We are an engineering school and use a 'home-made' CSL style for Zotero based on the ISO-690 French.
One of our students came to us with a problem : when he creates a bibliography with the contents of his Zotero library, for some journal article references the access date of the website (on which he found the journal article) doesn't appear. And for some others it does, of course! It doesn't seem to depend on the source website.

Here's an example :
" ARNAULT Ingrid, LOMBARKIA Nadia, JOY-ONDET Sophie, ROMET Lionel, BRAHIM Imene, MERADI Rahma, NASRI Ardjouna, AUGER Jacques, DERRIDJ Sylvie. Foliar application of microdoses of sucrose to reduce codling moth Cydia pomonella L. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) damage to apple trees: Application of sucrose to reduce codling moth damage to apple trees.Pest Management Science, [en ligne]. 2016, Vol. 72, n° 10, pp. 1901 1909.Disponible sur : 10.1002/ps.4228 ISSN 1526498X. "
At the end we should read " [Consulté le 05 avril 2017]. " but it is not displayed. Here's the URL :

Any idea why?
Thank you in advance :)
  • It looks like the article displays the DOI and so wouldn't include an access date?
  • Thank you for your answer Adam.
    Actually we specifically ask our students to fill the DOI field with either the URL or the DOI when they have it. I know it might not be correct, but it has never been an issue before, and we haven't changed the Zotero style for years...
    I tried on my own computer to generate the bibliography, with the same results, so it doesn't come from a 'Zotero problem' either, does it?
  • The other thing (and this isn't new) is that Zotero treats an article as not having a URL if it has a page range (as this one does). The style tests for the presence of a URL before adding the access date. You can toggle the behavior in Zotero by checking the "include URL" box on the Cite--> Style tab in the Zotero preferences.
  • Just tried it : it works ! We've been working on this for days, and it was so simple...
    Thank you so much, and sorry to have bothered you with this :)
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