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EDIT: I understood now that, to be able to search in my residential library, I need to fill in the resolver link in Zotero's „Advanced Settings.“ I'm rather insecure though if I got the link right; I found it in some old Citavi–Setting file on the libraray's website. The link is


It seems to work, but before I promote this to fellow students, would you just briefly confirm that this is the proper way to do it?

Hi there,
I'm a student from Berlin, Germany and I'd like to find Zotero literature in my university library's catalog. This is the online catolog:


I searched the forum, the web and the pages of my University, but I didn't find a solution yet – maybe because I don't know what to look for exactly.

Could anyone please give me a hint? My university is rather big (~40,000), as soon as I find a solution I'd be happy to pass it on to the library staff so it can be implemented in their online documentation.

  • You can check yourself by selecting an item in your library and click the Library Lookup button to see if it launches your library's search system.
  • Thanks for the hint bwiernik; it seems to work.

    Here's a summary for fellow HU residents (German below):

    To be able to locate literature in the HU catalog directly from Zotero:

    1. Open Zotero Preferences > Advanced > General
    2. Set the Resolver Address to http://sfx.kobv.de/sfx_hub
    3. Confirm
    4. Select the entry to be locate in your library's catalog
    5. Open the Locate Menu and choose „Libraray Lookup“
    6. You will be redirected to the catalog search results

    Um Zotero–Einträge im HU–Bibliotheks–Katalog zu suchen:

    1. Öffne Einstellungen > Erweitert > Allgemein
    2. Trage als Resolver–Adresse ein: http://sfx.kobv.de/sfx_hub
    3. Bestätige
    4. Wähle den Eintrag, nach dem gesucht werden soll
    5. Öffne das Finden Menü und wähle „In Bibliothek nachschlagen“
    6. Die Suchergebnisse des HU Katalogs werden angezeigt
  • You should also add the link to the wiki here: https://www.zotero.org/support/locate/openurl_resolvers
  • In your case I'd contact the university library. Earlier this year they switched to a new library system which among others replaces SFX. Chances are that in a few months your setting won't work anymore. What's more, I'm quite sure that they don't add newly acquired resources to SFX so you wouldn't get all results now.

    Btw it's the same with three other Berlin universities: FU, TU and UDK.
  • @bwiernik: I cannot edit the Wiki page: "This page is read only. You can view the source, but not change it. Ask your administrator if you think this is wrong." (My username for teh wiki is also loflof.)

    @gduffner: Thak you for your answer! I will contact the library, but what should I ask for? Does them switching to a new system mean that the URL just needs to be updated, or is it possible that locating from Zotero will not be possible anymore sometime?
  • @loflof: I've given you write access to the wiki.
  • With the new system a new URL should be used. You should ask for the OpenURL Link Resolver URL.
  • Thanks to the both of you. I've added the link in the Wiki (for now) and reached out to the Library's IT department as for the new link.
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