Mysterious "1" in online item display

There is a 1 in an unlabelled field in an item display in one of our groups:

(Screenshot from Edit view here: )

I'm having some other issues with the group (I'm seeing items in a fully synced client that don't exist online or in any other synced client, potentially linked to merging) that may or may not be related, but let's maybe start with this simple one?
  • (if you inspect the page you see it's marked up with class="deleted"; not sure if that explains anything?)
  • That would suggest my two observations may be related.
    It turns out that this is one of the items that's present in the local library but not online or in other synced versions of the same library.
    For good measure, I have checked database integrity, which passes. I do suspect it's something about the local install, still (I'm getting "Translator already loaded" messages in spite of having the data folder on a local drive, cf. error report ID: 684978019 ), but don't know exactly what that might be.
  • Yeah, that item is in the trash.

    The web library was erroneously showing the deleted=1 flag from the item data (with no label, because we naturally don't have a label defined for that field).
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