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  • I'm sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but is it still possible to create links to zotero items in 5.0? I'm not seeing "zotero select item" under the "Default Output Format" in the export settings. Thanks!
  • @charlespetersen that was never available by default. You likely installed it from somewhere else, possibly my blog zoteromusings.WordPress.com
    The functionality is still available
  • @adamsmith Ah, thanks! I use that feature so much that I assumed it must be a basic part of Zotero's functionality.

    I think this is the post I used in the past:


    Unfortunately, I just went through the instructions again and I can't seem to get it to work. There was no folder marked 'translators' in my Zotero profile. I tried simply creating this folder and adding the 'Zotero Select Item.js' file. But nothing is appearing in the export settings. Perhaps I've missed something?

    Happy to take this conversation elsewhere as well. Thanks!
  • You would definitely have a 'translators' directory in your Zotero data directory. (Your Zotero profile is something different.) Note that the default path is different in 5.0, so use the Show Data Directory method to find it.
  • Thanks! Just got this working. Greatly appreciate the help.
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