New version 1.5b2


I have updated to the new version 1.5b2 but haven't been able to see the new features of this new update.

Where can I find the information? Thanks.
  • We haven't gotten changelogs up for Beta 1 and Beta 2, but we will soon. In the meantime, you can always view the SVN log. Beta 2 was mostly a bug fix release.
  • Having updated zotero I've lost my button in firefox, using ctrl+alt+z or ctrl+alt+l (I forget which works) doesn't work to open the pane either. Any suggestions on how to fix this or a link so I can roll back to 1.5b1 or 1.5a or whatever would be much appreciated.

  • goodwin57:
  • Cheers. I deleted the profile files (as mozilla advice), disabled everything (including zotero), enabled zotero, and then re-enabled everything else I use. Seems to be fine now.
  • To second the original inquiry, I also would appreciate having release notes. It would help users participate more intelligently, e.g. by confirming bug fixes, or just to know that a bug you're affected by has been fixed.

    I know we can look at Trac but most users are more passive than that. At the same time I'm sure nearly all of us auto-upgrade so there must be others like me who want to know what's changing. Another problem is that the Zotero Trac instance is so sluggish as to be unusable. (I saw the ticket about this, so I know it's an ongoing problem.)
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