[5.0 beta] connector / translator for Cambridge not working [closed]

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Hi there, not sure whether this is a connector or translator problem but


is only giving me a 'Save to Zotero (Embedded Metadata)' option, not a 'journal article' option and then I got the red-x of failure for capturing either a snapshot or the pdf

clicked on the pdf link and then tried using the zotero connector route but I got this error :

"This item could not be saved because Zotero is not open or is unreachable. Please open Zotero and try again."

- saving the pdf, importing it and retrieving metadata still works but it's all gone a little bit 2011 :)
  • It's a proxy issue -- proxies are increasingly using hyphens in URLs in order to be able to handle https, which currently breaks the translators' ability to recognize them (that's why you're getting Embedded Metadata, not Cambridge). It's my understanding that this is fixed in the new connectors, i.e. already for Firefox and forthcoming for Chrome and Safari (BTW, this would be broken in the non-beta version, too)
  • HI Adam, thanks for the info; I'm using Zotero Connector 4.999.9 which is not handling the proxy properly.
  • @dstillman -- did I misunderstand that? I thought the connectors should handle hyphenating proxies now?
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    They should, but I'm not sure how well we've been able to test it with the proxy access we have. @adomasven could say more.
  • I actually worked specifically with the Cambridge Core when testing hyphenated proxy support. I cannot reproduce: it seems to behave well for me both with Cambridge and Embedded Metadata translators on these pages behind a proxy. Could you provide a Connector Debug ID for refreshing the page and then attempting translation?
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    The Debug ID is D1200598515.
    oops ignore that one - unless it was helpful

    connector debug id:
    The Debug ID is D913859493.

    connector Report ID:2058587368
  • In connector preferences, under Proxy tab, do you have an entry for "https://%h.ezproxy.lib.monash.edu.au/%p"? If you select it, is "Automatically convert hyphens to dots in proxied hostnames" checked?

    If the connector detected the proxy automatically the checkbox should be checked, unless you manually unchecked it. Having the checkbox unchecked passes https://www-cambridge-org/ to translator detection, which obviously fails.
  • Hi Adam, I had three entries in connector preferences, none of which had the "Automatically convert hyphens to dots in proxied hostnames" checked. But that wasn't me gov. honest ! I've never looked at any of the Zotero Connector preferences stuff before today.
    Good news though : having checked all three entries, the Cambridge page now works.
    Many thanks, J
  • (note that adam and adomas are not the same person although our handles somehow look quite similar ;).

    @adomasven that suggests that we may need to set this as a default? Would that make sense?
  • It should be set by default for proxies, which redirect to hyphenated hostnames for https protocols, so not sure why that didn't work. I'm rather hesitant to turn it on for all proxies - might cause issues with sites that use actual hyphens in their domain names. There may be a better way to deal with this though.

    (Adomas actually means "the first human" in my language, which would correctly be Adam in English)
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