Zotero can't parse AAAI archival page

edited January 23, 2017
I clicked the zotero button on the website below, and it resulted in a malformed entry. Instead of saving the paper metadata and downloading the PDF, zotero stored a web page snapshot. The paper does not appear to have a DOI, so I can't use the "add by identifier" feature in the zotero standalone interface.

The best way I've found to add it is:
1. click "How to cite this item"
2. select "BibTex" in the dropdown
3. copy text
4. in Zotero, import from clipboard
5. download the PDF separately and add it to zotero

Is there any reason zotero can't parse AAAI archival pages like it can parse most archival pages? Can it be updated?

  • That page works for me. On what browser are you?
  • chrome Version 53.0.2785.116 (64-bit)
    Zotero connector version
    Zotero standalone version
  • (*$@#)(! frames -- The chrome extension doesn't find the metadata on the page, which is embedded in a frame. Nothing simple I can think of that we can do about this right now.
  • haha silly aaai, frames are so 1999!

    Understanding the problem is helpful. I found a frame-related trick that works here:
    1. view page source
    2. find the URL of the primary frame and navigate to it
    3. click zotero button (it works as expected)

    Still not optimal, but better than my previous method in this case since the link to the primary frame was obvious. Do you think the next version of the chrome extension will be able to support frames?
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