stalled sync?

Could you check on a sync from my account, currently running (i.e. green circling arrow with "Getting updated data from server"? Intermittent debug ID is D1247154205 -- it's doing the associated libraries locked thing and has been for some time.
I was getting a sync conflict, triggered manual sync and haven't been able to sync since.

It's also, oddly, sometimes showing me that the library has never synced when I hover over the sync icon, though it definitely has many times from this computer.
  • Nothing queued now, though looks like there were some slow (1–2.5 hour) full syncs. (Syncing has been a bit slow lately, but we're trying to just get 5.0 out rather than spending time trying to speed it up.)
  • thanks -- went through in ~2hs today. Good to know things may be slow. I don't really understand the full sync thing -- as I said, the computer has synced multiple times and I obviously don't touch any of the Reset functions, but my (network) Firefox install at work is behaving oddly and I'm assuming that's somehow to blame -- I have the data folder on a local HD, but Firefox randomly downgrades Zotero to an earlier version ( repeatedly). Clearly not your problem, though if it does seem like this is something happening to other Windows network users, I could try to talk to our IT folks about this. They're quite reasonable & helpful.
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