[5.0 Beta] Error report: 219005575

I have upgraded to 5.0 beta and am now getting a sync error every time I sync. Here's the error report id: 219005575

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    Last-Modified-Version header not provided
    Are you connecting via a proxy server by any chance?
  • Oh, never mind, I think I know what's going on here. Looking into it.
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    OK, try the latest build, 116. If you still have trouble, I'll take a look at a Debug ID for a sync that produces the error.
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    I still get this sync error

    report id: 284774200

    Edit: I'm sorry for the late response. I responded already two weaks ago but apparently I did not hit "Post comment" because my message was still a draft today
  • OK, try the latest build, 133.
  • It works with the 133 build, thanks
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