Editing citation style 'Deutsche Sprache'


I am currently writing my master thesis. i'm using Zotero but had to make some adjustments to the citation style 'Deutsche Sprache'. I have encountered an issue with webpages.

In order to be in alignment with my professors guidelines I will have to edit the style to make it look as such:

"Securities and Exchange Commission (2000): SEC Concept Release: International Accounting Standards, Abrufbar unter: http://www.sec.gov/rules/concept/34-42430.htm, Stand: 18.2.2000, Abfrage: 17.7.2000, 10.15 Uhr, S. 1 – 49."

I managed to make it look like that except for this part:
[...],Stand: 18.2.2000, Abfrage: 17.7.2000, 10.15 Uhr,[...]

Are there any suggestion on how I can accomplish that?

thanks in advance!
  • What does it look like now?
  • "Securities and Exchange Commission (2000): SEC Concept Release: International Accounting Standards, Abrufbar unter: http://www.sec.gov/rules/concept/34-42430.htm, Stand: 18.2.2000, Abfrage: 17.7.2000, S. 1 – 49."

    The only thing missing is the time stamp with hour and minute.
  • sorry, CSL can't print timestamps for dates, so I don't think you'll be able to make this happen (short of some hack where you put the time into the extra field and print that as part of the access macro).
  • You are able to store the Web-citation with a snapshot. So you can proof any Websource with that snapshot.

    It seems ridicolous to provide the exact time of access in the citation, as you couldn't reveal the source, even when you have that time...

    Normally not the Prof sets the citation-rules, but the "Promotionsordnung" of your faculty - is it only a Profs-Rule?
  • Could you maybe put all the Webcitations with the timestamps in a table and add that to your reference-list as an addendum? That could be a workaround.

    To muddle around with the original citations would be o good idea in the end...
  • Acatually I do not need the time stamp in the citation but in the bibliography. I actually think it is very excessive to prove the exact time the webpage or internet link was accessed but it was stated as such in the guidelines the university provided.

    I may be able to discuss this with my advisor so that i may be able to omit the time stamp since it is not able or not feasible. Thank You.

    I do have another issue though. There is another rule stating that several issues from the same author have to be marked chronologically with a/b/c/...

    for example:

    Mustermann, A. (2001a):....

    Mustermann, A. (2001b):...

    Mustermann, A. (2001c):...

    How do I accomplish this?
  • that doesn't already happen? The disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" attribute in the style should handle this. Or are you just saying it's not chronological? In which case, what does "chronological mean? By order of appearance in the text?
  • you were right. tested it just now and had to make some minor adjustments. Thanks
  • It's me again. I do have another issue. This issue only concerns books, chapters and compilations. In order to be in alignment with the guidelines I need add books, chapters and compilations as follows:

    Author (Year of Publication): Title, Edition, Place of Publisher, Year of release.

    So, i want zotero to add the year of release when when original date is given but if not i want it to pick the year of publication as year of release.
    All of my attempts just resulted in zotero just choosing the original date and if there is no original the field was blank.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this?

    thanks again.
  • how do you have the two dates entered in Zotero? And what's the code snippet you're using to achieve what you want (post long code excerpts to gist.github.com and link to them, wrap short snippets in <code> tags here)
  • As for the publication date I use 'issued' and in order to add the year of release i add {:original-date: ....} in extra.

    <macro name="publication-place-publisher">
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text variable="publisher-place"/>
    <date date-parts="year" form="text" variable="issued"/>

  • note that you should use
    original-date: 1975
    in Extra as the preferred syntax.

    <if variable="original-date">
    <date date-parts="year" form="text" variable="issued"/>
  • Hi adam.

    Thanks again for your input. Since I am new at this I do have some problems with the code. I generally use the Visual CSL editor. If I upload the whole code via GitHub, could you tell me where to input your snippet?


  • Sure, but could you give me both forms of the citation that you want with the field labels (i.e. clarify which of "Date of pub" and "Date of release" maps to which data variable in CSL/Zotero)
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