RTF Scan Conundrum

I'm having a problem with just one reference when doing an RTF scan.

I have the reference footnoted as:

{Balguy, 1726, 9-13}

But, while all my other references are scanned correctly, I get an ambiguous citation warning for this one, with the following output in the 'Verify Cited Items' box.

}{\f2\fs22\lang2057 Balguy{, ...

I've checked the reference within Zotero standalone, and the author and date are correct. It's the only reference in my database by that author.
  • but you can pick the right reference for it and it formats fine or not?
  • So if I quick copy across into Nisus it works just fine with the formatting.

    Since posting I realised I'd left off the {...} and thought that was the problem.

    However, when referencing as: {Balguy, 1726, 9-13}

    I now get the error:

    Ambiguous Citations

    It's the only reference I have by that author, and all the other references on RTF scan are just fine.
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